The NRG Maintains Liability Insurance Coverage

The NRG maintains Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage for bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury caused, in whole or in part, by NRG acts or omissions or the acts or omissions of those acting on behalf of the NRG arising out of NRG events; the policy also cover, as additional insureds, the person[s] or organization[s] related to NRG special events; the policy also includes Commercial Auto and Utility Trailer Liability Insurance

The Insurance Indemnifies Facilitators, Volunteers and Members

The Commercial General Liability Insurance indemnifies [covers] NRG Facilitators and volunteer workers but only with respect to their assigned or agreed upon duties. All NRG regular members are also included in the policy as an additional insured but only with respect to their liability for NRG activities or activities performed on behalf of the NRG.

NRG Members Personal Liability Responsibilities

Maintain Vehicle Registration and Insurance

 The Northern Recon Group requires the owner/operator of all wheeled vehicles [military or otherwise] offered for display, road trip convoys, or off-road events sponsored by the NRG to have:

[1] A current validated vehicle registration card [issued by the state that registered the vehicle]

[2] Evidence of financial responsibility, e.g. a liability insurance policy

[3] Documents for the above carried on-board the vehicle

[4] A current valid license plate affixed to the vehicle.

Tracked military vehicles, those designed to be operated mainly off-road, must only be covered by a liability insurance policy.

Non-operable display vehicles or display vehicles secured to a trailer or other conveyance are exempt from this policy.

The owner/operator of a vehicle could be asked to produce evidence of compliance with this policy.  Any person failing to adhere to this policy, or exhibiting other negligent or irresponsible behavior, may face expulsion from the display event.

Assure the Safe Display of Firearms and Explosive Devices

To assure the safety of group members and the public at sponsored events, the Northern Recon Group policy for the display of firearms and explosive devices [grenades, mines, flares, etc.] is as follows:

[1] No live firearms or explosive devices are permitted to be displayed, offered for sale, sold or traded

[2] No live ammunition or explosive charges are permitted to be displayed, offered for sale, sold or traded

[3] Only firearms, weapons or explosive devices having been a regulation issue to a recognized uniformed national military service, or a replica thereof, are permitted to be displayed

[4] Replica, ‘dummy’, de-milled, deactivated, inoperative firearms, clearly marked as such, are permitted to be displayed, offered for sale, sold or traded

[5] Inert blank ammunition, magazines, explosive devices, inert shells or inert explosive device containers, clearly marked as such, are permitted to be displayed, offered for sale, sold or traded

[6] Live military issued firearms can be displayed providing they are unloaded, rendered inoperable such as removing the magazine or receiver; installing a trigger lock; a cable tied through the chamber, clearly identifiable or marked as such; remaining in this condition throughout the event and during transit to/from the event; cannot be offered for sale, sold or traded at the event

[7] The discharge of firearms, blank ammunition, rocket launchers, ‘spud guns’ converted to use compressed gas as a propellant, or any pyrotechnic device, to create flash and noise is prohibited

[8] When not part of an active display all items described herein must be removed from vehicles or display tables, secured, covered out of view including during transit to/from the event

[9] All military reenactors and reenactments must comply with the above policies

[10] Live firearm sales, shows, or live firing range events are not sponsored or promoted by the NRG.

Persons or groups failing or refusing to comply with this policy, or any behavior which creates a concern about public safety, will be grounds for expulsion from the event.

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